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Educational Philosophy

Challenges Faced by Children Japan Today

In today's society, children are facing numerous challenges. For instance, the issue of children waiting for daycare spots stems from a shortage of childcare workers and facilities.

Furthermore, the phenomenon known as the "first-grade problem" involves an increase in children struggling to adapt to school life, manifesting in violent behavior, non-participation in group activities, lack of confidence, restlessness during classes, and inability to follow teacher's instructions.

There's also an educational issue referred to as the "10-year-old wall," where children's reading comprehension skills are underdeveloped, making it difficult for them to understand text and perform calculations. These issues are common not only in Japan but also in advanced countries such as the UK and the USA.

Challenges in the Childcare Environment

The government has misjudged the demand following women's increased participation in society, leading to delayed enhancement of social infrastructure like child-rearing support and childcare facilities. Despite rapid efforts to improve childcare facilities, the lack of necessary childcare workers has led to long working hours, decreased quality of care, and deterioration of the childcare environment.

Child engaging in focused activity at Orchard Kinder

At Orchard Kinder, we aim to nurture individuals who are resilient and possess a strong sense of self-worth by engaging deeply in activities.

The Uniqueness of Orchard Kinderr

At Orchard Kinder, we provide high-quality, small-group education during the crucial early years of learning, especially for children aged 1 to 5. This setting is highly effective for developing social skills, patience, and cognitive abilities through life with children of various ages.

A Curriculum Like No Other

Our core program is multilingual, based on the parenting experiences of our owner, a father of three. It combines the progressive early childhood education program of Hong Kong (PYP) that practices multilingual education with Japan's unique living habits. We focus on setting optimal goals and nurturing each child based on this unique core program.

Orchard Kinder Childcare

There's no manual for parenting; with a hundred people, there are a hundred ways of life. At Orchard Kinder, we cherish and nurture each child's individuality, adopting an educational policy that expands on their unique qualities.

Learning Methods

It's important to avoid imposing education on children unilaterally. Children's thinking abilities and vocabulary naturally develop through conversation.

At Orchard Kinder, we embrace a conversational style of teaching. For example, we engage each child with questions about the daily weather, their feelings, and the days of the week, deepening learning through dialogue. We also actively incorporate materials that allow children to learn while having fun, such as play, music, picture stories, games, and apps.

Children as Independent Individuals

At home, children may tend to depend on their guardians, but at Orchard Kinder, we encourage autonomous actions. Children are capable of doing many things by themselves, more than we often realize. Treating them merely as children can miss opportunities for their growth, which might contribute to some of the issues they face in modern society.

When many people think of early childhood education, they might imagine it as classroom learning similar to elementary school. However, at Orchard Kinder, we do not force education or lecture unilaterally. We value the time spent in conversation with each child, implementing small group sizes to ensure ample time for individual communication.


This is a piece created by a student at Orchard Kinder. They completed it with perseverance, maintaining focus throughout the process. Concentration is one of the non-cognitive skills we wish to nurture from early childhood.


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