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Daily Program

Annual Events

  • April Parent-Teacher Conferences💬
  • August First Health Checkup🩺
  • September Field Trip🏕
  • October Halloween🎃👻
  • November Parent Social Gathering🍽
  • December Christmas🎄🎁
  • January Setsubun (Bean-Throwing Festival)👹
  • February Second Health Checkup🩺
  • March Graduation Ceremony🎓
  • Please note that events may be canceled due to weather conditions or the health status of the children.

    Time Table

    Time Table


    Fitness and Health

    • Act brightly and freely, experiencing a sense of fulfillment.
    • Move your body sufficiently, eagerly engaging in physical activities.
    • Adopt concepts of health and safety through daily habits and attitudes.


    • Experience the joy of expressing your feelings through words.
    • Listen carefully to others' words and stories, sharing your experiences and thoughts, and enjoy the pleasure of communication.
    • Understand necessary words in daily life, familiarize with picture books and stories, and connect with teachers and friends.
    • Express your will, desires, and questions through words.

    Basic Math and Science

    • Enrich your senses towards the properties and quantities of objects, and characters through observation, consideration, and manipulation of everyday phenomena.
    • Show interest in quantities and shapes in daily life.
    • Develop thinking skills using apps or STEM toys.

    Social Science

    • Enjoy school life and feel fulfilled by acting on your own.
    • Deepen connections with people close to you, fostering affection and trust.
    • Adopt desirable habits and attitudes for social life.
    • Engage with your immediate environment, make discoveries and thoughts, and incorporate them into your life.
    • Realize the importance of rules and attempt to follow them while enjoying life with friends.


    • Think and act on your own.
    • Do things by yourself that you can do.
    • While enjoying various activities, have the will to accomplish tasks.
    • Communicate your thoughts to others and be aware of what others are thinking.


    • Possess a rich sensitivity to the beauty of various objects.
    • Enjoy expressing what you feel and think in your own way.
    • Value imagination in life and enjoy various forms of expression.
    • Become familiar with various materials, playing and creating innovatively.


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