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Early Childhood Education (ECE)

  • has a tremendous impact on life outcomes.
  • helps to build a strong foundation for a child’s emotional, social, physical and mental development
  • helps children gain self-confidence and socialization.
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Soft Skills that gain via ECE

  • Concentration
  • Patience
  • Resilience
  • Self-control
  • Motivation
  • Teamwork

Bilingual Program for early learners

  • authentic, unique Japanese and English bilingual education.
  • help children to prepare for their schoool.
  • mixed age classes helping children gain social skill.
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Professional Childcare since 2014

  • National Licensed Teachers
  • High adult-to-child ratios (1:6)
  • Language-rich environment (Japanese, English & Chinese)
  • Established since 2014, more than 100+ kids attended

Value Proposition

Our Mission

  • Nurture children to be independent and proactive.
  • Help children to grow and become confident learners.
  • Providing guidance for children to develop self-esteem and social competence.
  • Maintain a safe, clean and stable environment for young learners.


  • highly-skilled staff (Japanese government licensed teachers)
  • small class sizes and high adult-to-child ratios (1 to 6 max)
  • a language-rich environment (English, Japanese and Chinese)
  • age-appropriate curricula
  • stimulating materials in a safe physical setting
  • warm, responsive interactions between staffs and children

Our Passion. Their Future.

Fact Sheet

Why is early childhood education so important?

Early childhood, beginning in infancy is a period of profound advances in reasoning, language acquisition, and problem solving, and importantly, a child’s environment can dramatically influence the degree and pace of these advances.

Research has shown that much of what to succeed in life is established piror to kindergarten. During that time, children's brain undergoes rapid development; it’s a period when a child builds cognitive skills — the foundation for reading, math, science and academics — as well as character skills, social-emotional growth which includes everything from impulse control to problem solving.

Benefits of Early Childhood Education: The Facts

Children usually had higher rate of:

  • Completing high school
  • Above-average test scores
  • Positive attitudes toward school
    among children and parents

Children usually had lower rate of:

  • Remedial education
  • Special Education

When at adult, it gave higher rate of:

  • Stable employment
  • Home and car ownership
  • Family involvement
  • Educational attainment

At adult, it gave lower rate of:

  • Social service use
  • Criminal involvement
  • Substance abuse

Benefit for Society

Tax revenue increases due to higher earnings

Increased child and maternal earnings and employment translate into increased tax revenue. Abecedarian participants’ lifetime earnings increased by about $44,000, and their mothers’ lifetime earnings increased by more than $79,000.

Savings from remedial education & special education

Remedial education can consist of repeated grades or specialized schooling, and the additional cost of this extra schooling can be expensive.

Abecedarian participants experienced lower rates of grade retention and special education placements. Perry participants were less likely to be retained or place in special education classes

Lower crime

A number of programs with long-run follow-ups found the eardly childhood programs reduced juvenile arrests and criminal records of participants.

Many cost-benefit analyses find that these cost savings are substantial, and often account for the single largest portion of the accrued benefits over time.

Improve health

Early childhood education can also benefit society by improving health outcomes for participants, thereby reducing public expenditures on health care, or lowering insurance premiums for private health coverage.

“A large body of empirical work at the interface of neuroscience and social science has established that fundamental cognitive and noncognitive skills are produced in the early years of childhood, long before children start kindergarten...” - Dr. James Heckman

Early childhood investment

The rate of return to investment in human capital is markedly greater when investments occur at younger ages. That is, while larger investments have been typically made in secondary education, higher education, job training programs, and remedial education, the rate of return is notably lower than if these same funds were invested in human capital formation during the infant/toddler and preschool years.

Majority of children are not ready for school

The achievement gap can be identified among children as young as 9 months of age.

Recent research indicates most, if not all, of the achievement gap found at age 5 (at schoolentry) and at age 8 could be eliminated by an intensive two-year early childhood program for infants and toddlers

When examining the academic records of two groups of students (high school graduates and dropouts), researchers found the dropouts had consistently lower scores in reading, writing, math and spelling when compared to the graduates.

These differences between the two groups of students were evident as early as kindergarten and the disparities increased throughout their academic careers.

Preschool Age Benefits

  • Fulfill curiosity — something that is common in children as young as 3 years old, and which if fulfilled early can be sustained in later years, positively impacting academic performance.
  • Early learning positively affects brain structure.
  • Builds a desire to learn well going on.
  • Additional daily or semi-daily physical activity that might not happen at home.
  • Emotional control and development. Getting praise early in life for accomplishments builds positive self-worth which can pay off academically.

Orchard Kinder Early Childhood Education

Orchard Kinder was found based on the facts found in those research papers. Our program aims to cultivate children's inter-person skills, social-emotional skills and self-confident through age-appropriate lessons and structured activities.

Skilled Teachers

Our teachers are licnesed by Japan governement. They had at least attended 3 to 4 years early childcare training program and 5-6 years on-the-ground expereinece.

Our Mission

“To nurture children to attain all-round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics, so as to prepare them for life. To stimulate children’s interest in learning and cultivate in them positive learning attitudes, in order to lay the foundation for their future learning.”

Our Goal

To nurture children

  • to be independent and proactive
  • to be confident learners
  • to develop self-esteem and social competence

Social Networks

We post pictures on facebook page everyday, not because we wanted to show you your child's life in Orchard Kinder but also wanted to let you know our lesson plans and daily activity. Please follow us.

During emergency or any event that requires immediate evacuation. Evacuation plan and its destination will be posted on Twitter if all means of communication are not available. Please follow us.

Records of activity including fire drill records, lesson plans are posted and kept in wordpress.



  • Orchard Kinder is an international kindergarten and preschool that provides a caring, fun and friendly environment for children aged between 1 and 5 years old.
  • We believe we have created a warm, well-equipped environment where your child can happily play and learn at his/her own pace.


  • Our approach is to foster a love of learning, problem solving, experimentation and inquisitiveness to provide a solid foundation for your child’s future.
  • The emphasis is on learning through play in an environment planned to stimulate discovery, independence and social interaction.
  • Children are encouraged to help themselves, take initiative and become increasingly independent in order to develop self-esteem and social competence. It is important that children develop a sense of trust and are comfortable in their environment.

Framework of Curriculum

  • Physical Fitness and Health
  • Languages
  • Early Mathematics
  • Social Science
  • Self
  • Art Crafts


  • At Orchard Kinder we aim to provide a high quality, creative, spacious environment, which is both encouraging and interesting.
  • Children learn best through doing and we give ample opportunities to explore, experiment and discover with hands-on equipment and materials in an adult directed setting.
  • Children freely engage in cooperative activities and can choose to have quiet times on their own.

Outdoor Activity

  • The learning and development of the children is not just confined to the internal setting of the kindergarten but is extended to the large and safe outdoor play area.
  • We view the external environment as another classroom. This allows the children to explore their surroundings and exercise their imagination.

Accessible Parks

    Distance from Orchard Kinder
  • American Hill Park - 500m
  • Motomochi Park - 500m
  • Yamashita Park - 650m
  • France Hill Park - 900m

Time Table

Photo Gallery

オーチャードキンダー プリスクール&保育所 保育環境写真


オーチャードキンダー プリスクール&保育所 保育所安全設備写真


オーチャードキンダー プリスクール&保育所 園児生活



For year 2018


  • 1 to 3 years old

No. of student

  • We are recruiting 2 children for 2018


  • Please book a visit using this form
  • Fee schedule and detail will be given.

Required Documents

  • Medical checkup performaned by local licensed doctor
  • Historical record of vaccination
  • Valid medical insurance
  • Emergency contacts (must be local no.)


Certification of fulfilling the guidance and supervision standards issued by Yokohama City Office


Orchard Kinder has reported to the city of Yokohama as non-government funded childcare facility under Article 59 2 of the Child Welfare Act, carries out a management report, and receives annual inspection on facilities and administration.

Inpection includes facility safety standards, disaster prevention, fire prevention, evacuation drills, health and sanitation management, placement of qualified personnel, guidance plans, childcare records, etc.

Orchard Kinder has received a certificate that clears all requirements from Yokohama City.

Lunch Box

オーチャードキンダー にこにこ給食

We are pleased to annouce that we appointed Niconico services as our lunch box provider.

Niconico food service recieved HACCP-certified and is capable to provide various sizes and ages lunch. Lunch box service is availaible starting from February 2016.

Medical Advisor

The Bluff Clinic

Dr. Tsunehiro Akashi

Service including checkup (twice a year), health consultation, healthcare advisory etc.

*Dr. Akashi is fluent in English and Japanese.


Public Transport:

Minatomirai Line
Motomachi Station from Exit 3 or 5

JR Line
Ishigawacho Station from South Exit

2F Port Tower Seitoku

Naka-ku, Yamachita-cho 112-3 Yokohama

☎: 045-305-4018 info@orchardkinder.com


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