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Orchard Kinder

Preschool & Childcare

Features of Orchard Kinder

1. Bilingual Education

Fostering Multilingual Abilities

At Orchard Kinder, children learn both Japanese and English simultaneously, nurturing their multilingual abilities. This forms the foundation for expanding their international perspectives and developing intercultural communication skills.

Cultivating Cultural Sensitivity

Through bilingual education, children are exposed to diverse cultures, enhancing their understanding and sensitivity to different cultures. Orchard Kinder nurtures an attitude of respect and cooperation among diverse cultures through this education.

Developing Curiosity and Eagerness to Learn

Exposure to different languages stimulates children's curiosity and fosters a willingness to learn independently. Bilingual education cultivates these exploratory spirits and learning desires.

English Puzzle Game

Children engage in alphabet puzzle games in a bright and warm classroom, developing foundational cognitive skills for bilingual education while having fun. Orchard Kinder offers a wide variety of toys to support English learning like this.

2. Mixed-Age Grouping

Developing Social Skills and Cooperation

At Orchard Kinder, mixed-age grouping provides an environment where children naturally acquire social and cooperative skills.

Fostering Leadership

Through opportunities for natural leadership that arise from interactions with different age groups, children refine their independence and social skills.

A Relaxed Learning Environment

In a community where children teach and learn from each other, mixed-age interaction allows them to grow at their own pace.

Developing social skills and cooperation

The warm atmosphere of mixed-age grouping is evident as children of different ages hug and play together joyfully. Such an environment promotes natural interactions among all ages, playing a crucial role in developing children's social skills and cooperation.

3. Small Class Sizes

Detailed Guidance for Each Student

Small class sizes allow teachers to provide individualized instruction tailored to each student's development, significantly improving the quality of education.

Maximizing Individual Learning Outcomes

By being able to give individual attention, educators can offer teaching that matches each student's level of understanding, thereby maximizing learning outcomes.

Encouraging Active Class Participation

The small number of students in each class encourages active participation, leading to improvements in self-expression and confidence.

Bright and spacious classroom

The small class size enables personalized support tailored to each child, allowing them to develop autonomy while learning at their own pace. The environment, with natural light streaming in through large windows, will stimulate the children's curiosity.

4. Spacious Environment

An Open Environment

Orchard Kinder fosters the physical and mental health of children in a spacious and bright setting.

Providing Psychological Comfort

Large, bright classrooms bring psychological comfort to children, leading to improved motivation to learn.

Harmony of Light and Color

The use of colors that harmonize with the natural light from south-facing windows enriches the children's sensibilities and creativity.

Bright and spacious environment

Orchard Kinder provides a more spacious environment than licensed nurseries in the United States and the United Kingdom, supporting the various activities of children.

5. After-School

A Continuation of English Learning

The after-school program at Orchard Kinder provides an environment where children can continue learning English after graduation, increasing opportunities to use English practically in their daily lives.

Support for Long-Term Growth

According to research by HighScope/Perry School, children who receive education in their early years and continue to receive support show long-term developmental outcomes. Based on this philosophy, Orchard Kinder offers programs that support the continuous learning and growth of children.

EIKEN Passers

Consistency is the key. Children attending Orchard Kinder's after-school embody this saying. As a result, they have achieved accomplishments such as passing EIKEN Pre-2nd level in the second grade of elementary school, EIKEN 3rd level in the fourth grade, and EIKEN 4th level in the second grade.


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