Orchard Kinder

Preschool & Childcare

Admitting Children from Age 1

Through bilingual education in Japanese and English,

we nurture the infinite potential of children.

With education that caters to each individual,
we foster the joy of learning and independence.

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About Us

Orchard Kinder treasures the growth of children in a multilingual environment, focusing on bilingual education to bring out each child's talent and potential to the fullest.

Based on the founder's own experiences and deep understanding of early childhood education, we aim to provide a safe environment where children can learn the joy of learning and independence.

At Orchard Kinder, we believe in teaching 'how to learn' rather than just imparting knowledge, respecting each child's individuality while enriching their future with quality education.

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Parent Testimonials

Let's introduce some warm words we've received from parents through their experiences at Orchard Kinder. These testimonials demonstrate the impact of our educational programs and dedicated staff support on children and their families.

"My child used to never sit still, but recently, he has started cleaning up his toys on his own. Perhaps he finds school incredibly fun, as he never wants to leave when I come to pick him up."
— S.T. (Parent of a 2.5-year-old boy)
"I'm impressed with how clean, organized and large your school is. It was obvious from my conversation with you that you and your staff care deeply for the children as a whole and as individuals and I love your teaching philosophy."
— K.S. (Parent of a 2-year-old girl)
"He has become much better at speaking at home, looking after his younger sibling, and helping out. Perhaps his English listening skills have improved? When I play Western music CDs, he sings along."
— M.Y. (Parent of a 4-year-old boy)
"Our son enjoys going to school, and he has grown and developed tremendously since he started there. We know he is not the "easiest" child, and we appreciate your hard work and attention with him. We feel Orchard Kinder has been very good for him."
— A.M. (Parent of an 4-year-old boy)
"Now, learning means fun for him, and he seems to love his class as much as he loves playing. Right after getting home, he is eager to go back to school, showing boundless enthusiasm."
— N.M. (Parent of a 3-year-old boy)

These voices show how special our community is for the children and their families. Orchard Kinder provides an environment where each child can grow at their own pace, learn, and have fun.

Programs and Activities

At Orchard Kinder, we offer a variety of programs that nurture children's creativity and eagerness to learn, including arts, science, and physical education. Through daily routines and yearly events, we maximize each child's potential in a safe and fun environment.

Main Activities

  • Outdoor Walks
  • Handcrafts
  • Camping (Summer/Autumn)
  • Farm Experiences (Autumn)
  • Halloween (October)
  • Christmas (December)


The day at Orchard Kinder is carefully planned to promote learning and growth, covering a wide range of subjects such as physical health, languages, basic math and science, social sciences, individuality, and arts.

Activities may change based on the weather or the health condition of the children. We operate flexibly, always considering safety and the best interests of the children.

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Celebrating Years
Established in 2013

Our Passion. Their Future.

Orchard Kinder

Orchard Kinder
Preschool & Childcare

Admission Guide and Application Details

Thank you for your interest in Orchard Kinder. We provide a rich educational program to maximize the potential of each child.

Drop-off and Pick-up Times

Eligible Ages for Admission

Children from the age of 1 year old are welcome to join.

Recruitment Period

We are continuously accepting new students.

Application Process

The application process can be completed online.

Free Early Childhood Education and Care

Orchard Kinder is eligible for the Free Early Childhood Education and Care program. The city of Yokohama provides a subsidy of ¥37,000 per month to eligible families.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

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